Legacy series

Most of my life I’ve been writing epic fantasy, with a trip to sword & sorcery when need arose, a couple of detective stories here and there and even some romances when nobody was looking.  

From those works emerged the world of Legacy, a thousand-year-old empire, which outlived its best years and is facing the consequences of its lifelong ideological unitarism and centralist politics.

Emperor’s Raven is the first published title set in this universe. Falling somewhere between a novella and short novel (let’s just call it a novella), it tells a story of misplaced loyalties, bigotry and a deeply divided society brought to the verge of bloodshed.

A little bit about the plot

A year has passed since the wedding between the Yaman Emperor and the sorceress from the desert of Aracomm. Although the Emperor had envisioned the peaceful melting of the two nations they lead, the mage tribes keep pouring into the Yaman lands, converting them into their new home, while the revolted Yaman masses rise in protest.

The Captain of the Emperor’s Guard never knew he would play a part in this conflict. Stripped of his humanity in order to serve with utter loyalty, he leads the world’s most powerful fighting force, eager to conduct his lord’s will. But the Emperor’s will now includes brutal persecution and execution of his own people. If that is the Emperor’s will at all.

Translation to English: Barbara Curcic
Editing and proofreading: Josipa Pavelic
Cover art: Ana Dunnia Pol Cezareo